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Looking to do more with your facility...without adding more people or up front investment?

SecurSpace customers and partners can now easily add a world class Automated Gate System (AGS) to image, identify, and optimize 100% of your gate traffic.

Learn how an AGS can eliminate data entry and billing issues, enable 24/7 remote controlled gate operations and increase revenue…all in a matter of weeks. 

  • No drivers or guards in the lanes 
  • Reduced data entry and billing errors 
  • No power, data or site preparation requirements 
  • Flexible lease options simply deducted from your SecurSpace settlement each month 
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Any facility,
anywhere, with
no strings attached

We get it. One size doesn't fit all. You may operate multiple facilities that need different solutions, staffing levels and technology. Our flexible gate control options allow you to put small, ruggedized access control tech that’s fully integrated with the SecurSpace ecosystem. 

The SecurSpace AGS delivers a variety of modular, remotely managed gate control devices to collect info and process customers at your entry and exit points. SecurSpace AGS includes:

  • ruggedized outdoor kiosks to interface with drivers
  • CCTV cameras and optional equipment OCR
  • traffic control signals (or high security barrier gates)

Best of all, the equipment is integrated with remote exception management software running in the cloud allow your clerical staff (or our remote guard resources) to operate anywhere, anytime. 

Whether you are looking to purchase the hardware upfront or would like a lease option to eliminate upfront CAPEX, our tailored purchase options are designed to fit your budget. Best of all, the entire system is installed quickly at your facility with minimal site preparation, permits and power/data requirements. 

Need to staff a guard to oversee operations? We can integrate all AGS equipment into a 20’ container that doubles as your office onsite. Or Do you prefer an unmanned operation that runs 24/7 with minimal interaction? The SS AGS software is proven at hundreds of sites to facilitate remote gate exception management connecting your staff (or our resources) via video and voice to all of your facilities in real time. 

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Nascent Gate Kiosk
Ping Burke, Tradelink Transportation

"SecurSpace provides a great solution for companies in the transportation and shipping industry. We've made a substantial amount of money by listing on the platform and use SecūrSpace to find short-term parking solutions when our yard is full." 

Visibility & security
made simple

Automated gates don't call in sick or show up late. They are there for your drivers 24/7, 365 days a year to keep goods moving.

  • Customer (with cargo) arrives and scans their AGS QR code at the kiosk (or enters their SecurSpace booking number)  
  • Cameras ID the truck and container, matching it to the SecurSpace booking info 
  • Driver is given the green light, with all data and images being recorded so that billing starts immediately
  • Any exceptions are routed to a local or remote guard who can talk to the driver and see all collected images...ensuring speedy processing & reducing congestion 


All equipment to manage a one-in, one-out facility ranges from $10-$15K per month depending on the level of automation you need at the gates. 

Once we connect with you on a call to learn more about your goals, your facilities and your requirements, we will put together a quote. We have flexible options for type of gate physically installed, type of payment cadence your team would prefer, and whether you'd like to offset the cost by listing space on the marketplace or collecting overage fees. 

Installation can range from a few weeks to a few months depending on your process and equipment installed.  For emergency cases, we offer fully self-sustaining RapidGate ‘pods’ or containers that arrive your facility with all equipment pre-installed (including solar power and remote internet connections) allowing you to be operating in a few days.

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